Dole Timeline


1941 Graduated Russell High School in Kansas
1941 Entered the University of Kansas as a pre-med student
1942 Enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserve
1943 Called into active duty
1944 Commissioned as a second lieutenant in U.S. Army
1944 Began term as a pool officer in the 24th Replacement Depot in Italy
1945 Entered the 85th Mountain Regiment, 10th Mountain Division
1945 Severely injured in combat trying to protect his troops from enemy fire
1945-1948 Hospitalized for battle wounds
1948 Received a GI loan and went to the University of Arizona
1949 Entered Topeka's Washburn Municipal College
1950 Elected to the Kansas Legislature
1952 Graduated Washburn Municipal College with a joint undergraduate degree in history and a graduate degree in law
1952 Elected as Russell County Attorney (served 8 years)
1954 Became proud father of daughter, Robin
1960 Elected to U.S. House of Representatives (served 8 years)
1962 Helped create the modern public school lunch program by supporting a bill to cut the price of lunches for students in low-income communities
1964 Voted for the Civil Rights Act
1965 Voted for the Voting Rights Act
1967 Voted for the Age Discrimination Act, prohibiting discriminatory hiring and firing practices on the basis of age
1968 Elected to the U.S. Senate
1969 Introduced his first bill to the Senate (a bill to provide housing for the disabled)
1971 Co-sponsored a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution
1971-1973 Served as Chairman of the Republican National Committee
1974 Introduced his first campaign finance reform measure
1974 Introduced a successful bill that prohibited Members of Congress from using the "franking" privilege to solicit money
1975 Married Mary Elizabeth Alexander Hanford
1976 Selected as President Gerald Ford's Vice Presidential running mate
1977 Began a 9-year push for the line-item veto (passed in 1996)
1977 Republican author of Food Stamp Act which sought to help low-income Americans affordably feed their families
1979 Proposed welfare reform measure to transfer power to the states
1981 As Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, introduced and shepherded the enactment of President Reagan's Economic Recovery Tax Act, the largest tax cut in American history
1983 Elizabeth Dole named Ronald Reagan's Secretary of Transportation
1983 Engineered bipartisan rescue of Social Security from insolvency
1984 Elizabeth gave Bob a miniature schnauzer from the Humane Society named "Leader"
1985 Elected as U.S. Senate Majority Leader
1986 Instrumental in passing Tax Reform Act, which cut taxes by $122 billion
1987 Elected as U.S. Senate Minority Leader
1989 Elizabeth Dole named Secretary of Labor
1990 Led the Clean Air Act to passage
1991 Elizabeth Dole became President of the American Red Cross
1991 Introduced the Women's Equal Opportunity Act
1993 Sponsored the Comprehensive Campaign Finance Reform Act
1993 Led opposition to Clinton's $26 billion tax increase on Social Security benefits
1993 Sponsored the Sexual Assault Prevention Act
1994 Introduced a health care reform bill that would used a free market approach to health care reform by focusing on insurance reform and offering subsidies to help low-income Americans buy health insurance. The plan included no taxes, mandates or price controls.
1994 Elected as U.S. Senate Majority Leader for 104th Congress
January 11, 1995 Pushed the Congressional Accountability Act through the Senate, requiring members of Congress to live under the same laws as the American people.
February 21, 1995 Introduced the Snowe-Dole Child Support Enforcement Act designed to improve and expand existing child support enforcement measures
April 10, 1995 Announced his intent to run for President of the United States
July 25, 1995 Pushed the first comprehensive lobbying reform legislation in 45 years through the Senate
July 27, 1995 Introduced the Equal Opportunity Act
September 19, 1995 Led passage of sweeping welfare reform plan (Clinton vetoed)
October 18, 1995 Authored the "Dole GI Bill"
December 22, 1995 Led welfare reform plan to passage - vetoed by Clinton.
December 22, 1995 Became the longest serving Republican Leader in Senate history
March 27, 1996 Engineered passage of line-item veto in the Senate, enabling future Presidents to delete costly pork-barrel spending measures from bills
May 9, 1996 Pushed "Megan's Law" through the Senate, protecting America's children from convicted sex offenders
May 15, 1996 Announced Resignation from Senate
June 6, 1996 Came within a single vote of passing the Balanced Budget Amendment
June 11, 1996 Bob Dole Resigned from the Senate
August 15, 1996 Will become the Republican Party's nominee for President of the United States of America



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