Where Bob Dole Stands on Disabilities

Bob Dole Has Been America's Foremost Advocate for the Disabled
Bob Dole spent over 39 months recovering from massive injuries that he received while leading a platoon of the 10th Mountain Division in Italy during World War II. As a result of those injuries, Bob Dole has limited use of his right arm -- which is why he often carries a pen -- letting folks know that his arm is 'in use.'

From the moment he was injured, Bob Dole has fought for the rights of the disabled. In his first speech on the Senate floor, Dole spoke of his vision for people with disabilities - of independence, dignity and inclusion - and of his own membership in the disabled community. In that speech, he said:

"Mr. President, my remarks today concern an exceptional group which I joined on another April 14 - 24 years ago, during World War II. It is a minority group whose existence effects every person in our society and the very fiber of our nation . . . As a minority, it has always known exclusion - maybe not exclusion from the front of the bus, but perhaps from even climbing aboard it; maybe not exclusion from pursuing advanced education, but perhaps from experiencing any formal education; maybe not exclusion from day-to-day life itself, but perhaps from an adequate opportunity to develop and contribute to his or her fullest capacity."

Creating Opportunity for the Disabled in Education, Employment and Housing
During his years in the Senate, Bob Dole:


More opportunities. Smaller government. Stronger and safer families

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