Where Bob Dole Stands on Drugs

Bill Clinton Has Surrendered the War on Drugs
With Bill Clinton's lack of leadership, there are about 1 million more youths involved in drugs than before he became President. Clinton has nearly surrendered the War on Drugs:

Even members of Clinton's own party agree that Clinton has given up the battle. "Rep. Charles Rangel, a New York Democrat, said, "I've been in Congress for over two decades, and I have never, never, never seen a president who cares less about this issue."

Teen Drug Use is Skyrocketing
The results of this "Just Say Nothing" approach is horrifying:

A Dole-Kemp Administration Will Cut Teen Drug Use in Half by 2000
Bob Dole and Jack Kemp understand that drug use is a national problem that cannot be solved by the federal government alone. The federal government must work in partnership with state and local governments. As President, Bob Dole will:

A Better America
With Bob Dole as President, the United States will have a renewed commitment to the War on Drugs. A Dole Administration will devote ample resources to fight illegal drug use. There will be a strong Drug Czar. The United States will not be afraid to get tough with countries that refuse to cooperate with our anti-drug efforts. Most importantly, our President will provide the moral leadership that we need to protect our children from illegal drugs by making it clear that drug use is wrong and will not be tolerated.


More opportunities. Smaller government. Stronger and safer families

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