Where Bob Dole Stands on Foreign Policy

A Firm Hand in the Oval Office
Our nation needs a President who can articulate and implement a consistent foreign policy. The President of the world's only superpower must be steadfast in his support of American policies and America's friends and allies. The President must mean what he says, say what he means, and stick to it. Bill Clinton's vacillation and indecisiveness undermines our position at any negotiation -- whether on security or trade matters.

America Is and Must Remain the Leader of the Free World
We did not win the Cold War without allies and friends, nor should we contemplate facing future challenges without them. At the end of the Gulf War, America was respected by friend and foe alike. Bill Clinton has squandered this legacy. It must be recaptured. America's allies and friends must have their confidence in us restored. Potential enemies must know that we will stand up to protect our interests.

Foreign Policy That Puts American Interests First
The proven principle of "peace through strength" will guide Bob Dole's foreign policy. Leadership in support of America's vital national interests will be his course of action. Our chief goals will be to maintain U.S. economic, political, and military access to key regions, promote democratization, thwart the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their delivery systems, and punish those states and movements that plan or conduct terrorist act against American citizens.

A Better America
The end of the Cold War closes one chapter in our history and presents us with new challenges to consolidate freedom and U.S. interests around the world. In also confronts our great nation with new dangers. Terrorism is on the rise, both at home and abroad. America must have a leader who not only acts decisively to prevent terror, but acts swiftly to seek and punish perpetrators. Terrorists and those who support them must pay a high price for their evil deeds. As we move into the next century, we must keep in mind that America has proven that it can meet the greatest of challenges and conquer the greatest of threats.


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