Where Bob Dole Stands on Missile Defense

The United States Cannot Protect Itself From Missile Attacks
If a terrorist group or rogue state launched a missile with a nuclear, chemical or biological warhead at the United States, most Americans think that our military could destroy it. That is not true.

We currently do not have the ability to shoot down even a single ballistic missile before it reaches the United States.

Bob Dole Will Build a National Missile Defense Shield
That is why Bob Dole introduced the Defend America Act in Congress this year. The Act would require a national missile defense system by the year 2003 to protect Americans from foreign missiles. The technology to create the system is available and affordable.

As President, Bob Dole will deploy an effective national missile defense system which will keep Americans free from nuclear intimidation and reduce the incentive of rogue regimes to acquire weapons of mass destruction.

Bill Clinton Stands in the Way Defending America
Unfortunately, President Clinton has thwarted all efforts to use our technological ability to shoot down incoming missiles:


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