Bob Dole:
The Better Man. For a Better America.

More Opportunities. Smaller Government. Stronger and Safer Families

In the last four years, people have been working longer and taking home less. Over the same time, personal bankruptcies and the number of people living in poverty have gone up. Bob Dole wants Americans to earn more, keep more and do more.

Lower Taxes
The average family today faces the highest level of taxation in history - more than $1 of every $3 earned goes to taxes. That is wrong. Parents today spend as much time working to pay taxes as they spend with their children. Many families are forced to have two parents working just to meet the tax burden. As chairman of the Senate Finance Committee in 1981, Bob Dole led the enactment of the largest tax cut in American history. As President, he will pursue a similar pro-growth, pro-family tax cut.

Higher Wages
Every year since Bill Clinton has been in office, taxes have been higher and family income has been lower than when he got elected. We're working harder and taking home less. Bob Dole wants Americans to earn more and keep more of what they earn, so parents can do more with their families, churches and communities.

Better Jobs
When Bill Clinton passed the largest tax increase in history, small businesses were hit the hardest. The National Federation of Independent Business called the Clinton Administration "the most anti-small business administration in history." But small business is the engine for job creation in our economy. As a result, Clinton's term has spawned a record number of personal bankruptcies and lower rates of growth than America has seen in 21 of the last 30 years.

Choice in Education
All families should have the same right to choose what school is best for their children as Bill Clinton who blocks such education reform -- and sends his daughter to an exclusive private school.

The federal government is taking and wasting too much of our money. We must push power, money and influence away from Washington and back to the people in their states and communities.

End Wasteful Washington Spending
We must end wasteful Washington spending so people don't have to pay more in taxes than in food, shelter and clothing combined, as the average American family does today.

Balance the Budget
Working Americans will have about $2,000 more per year in their pockets from the lower interest rates of a balanced budget. As a Senator, Bob Dole ushered a balanced budget through Congress and onto Bill Clinton's desk. But Clinton vetoed the first balanced budget in 26 years. It's wrong for a country as great as ours to impose a staggering debt on our children and grandchildren because we are unwilling to break the habit of deficit spending today.

The Clinton Administration has launched an assault on the American family. Violent crime is up. Teenage drug use is skyrocketing. Welfare recipients are becoming addicted to a life of dependency. We must have the courage to choose right over wrong to end decades of moral decline.

Fight Drugs and Violent Crime
Bill Clinton has slashed drug interdiction efforts, weakened enforcement, appointed lenient soft-on-crime judges and joked about marijuana use on MTV. Even liberal Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) says he has "never, never, never," seen a President who cares less about fighting drugs. It should be no surprise that drug use is on the rise - after 11 consecutive years of decline. Teenage drug use has increased in the past three years and teenage marijuana use has doubled on Bill Clinton's watch.

Stem Illegal Immigration
Under Bill Clinton, expenditures on benefits for illegal immigrants has gone up 12.7 percent while wages for the typical American worker have fallen 2.5 percent. Welcoming people who abide by our laws and contribute to our economy is the American way, but rewarding those who are here because they broke our laws is the wrong way.

Bob Dole will lead us to a better America with pro-family, pro-growth tax cuts, stepped-up drug interdiction and prosecution to reverse the increase in teenage drug use, and tougher enforcement of our immigration laws.

Bob Dole doesn't just say things to get elected. Even his Democrat colleagues are quick to note that Bob Dole is a man of integrity whose word is his bond. What he says now is consistent with what he has done in the U.S. Senate, where he has supported $2 trillion in tax relief for working Americans.


Dole Kemp '96

More opportunities. Smaller government. Stronger and safer families

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