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Use this selection of images to customize your computer's desktop environment and show your support for Bob Dole for President.


Right now, we feature a variety of downloadable wallpaper images. Decorate your desktop with Dole for President graphics! The images below are shown at 50% of their actual size and are designed to tile seamlessly on your desktop. To download your choices, just click on the highlighted text below the wallpaper graphics. Files are available in .bmp format for Windows (WIN) and .pict for Macintosh (MAC). Simply download the images you'd like and use your favorite control panel or system utility to use them as tiled backgrounds.



Bob Dole


Bob Dole (WIN)

Bob Dole (MAC)


Elizabeth Dole


Elizabeth Dole (WIN)

Elizabeth Dole (MAC)



Bob and Jack


Bob and Jack (WIN)

Bob and Jack (MAC)


The Kemps


The Kemps (WIN)

The Kemps (MAC)

The Doles


The Doles (WIN)

The Doles (MAC)

Bob Dole


Bob Dole (WIN)

Bob Dole (MAC)

Leader Dole


Leader Dole (WIN)

Leader Dole (MAC)

White House


Flag (WIN)

Flag (MAC)

Bob Dole


Logo (WIN)

Logo (MAC)

More opportunities. Smaller government. Stronger and safer families

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